September 11, 2013

Relax Mom...

I was watching Katie Couric the other day and this mother was being interviewed about a magazine article she was in recently talking about the fact that she has to take an anti depressant on a regular basis. Well apparently it was a huge deal to a group of mother's out there and she was receiving a lot of back lash.  To the point where she was actually told she shouldn't be a mother because she was taking medication.

WHAT THE F**K??!!!  How dare you criticize someone because they need to be on medication to make it through the day.  Have you ever had postpartum depression?  It is bad.  I had it after my daughter and my doctor suggested a pill but I preferred not to be on one but I don't have anything against anyone that does. It can be mild or very severe.  I just cried all the time. I would show up on my parents door step in tears with my daughter in my hands. And FYI...We have no control over it or if we get it.  It is completely out of our hands and not our fault!  I fought my way out of it myself.  If a mother needs to take a pill so she doesn't harm herself or her children then so be it.  Who are we to judge someone that is making a smart decision.  So she can't be a mother because she is on a pill?  Seriously.  What is it with some of you mother's out there?  I can't believe how some people are these days. 

I was reading a blog a few months ago and the answers some of these mother's respond to just make me want to drink.  A mother actually had a huge problem with people putting babies in a swing.  Really?  Do we not have anything better to do.  She actually said that it would delay your child's development and cause problems down the road.  Am I the only laughing about this? Apparently I don't read enough because I just don't get it.  Get a life. 

I try not to associate myself with too many people, especially specific mother's.  I try to avoid being put in a bad situation and gravitate towards mom's that are more like me.  I am young and I wasn't married when I had my daughter but I don't think that makes me any less of a mother.  I like to drink and I tend to indulge in a cigarette from time to time but it does not affect my children in any way shape or form.

Perfect example.  I watch a little girl after school that just happens to be friends with my daughter.  I get paid for it and the mom gets to send her child to a safe place.  Well for the most part.  This is the kinda mom I like to be around.  She had her daughter out of wed lock and didn't plan on having any kids but it happened and she dealt with it.  She doesn't judge and I don't judge.  This poor little girl has been through the ringer at my house.  The first time she came over, my daughter made her cry.  (Now just a side note, I know I wrote about bullies in my previous post so I am clarifying that my daughter is not a bully but she is also not perfect.  She does receive punishment when necessary whether it is a spanking, time out or I take something from her that is dear to her heart.)  I explained the situation to her mother and she was like "It happens.  No biggie".  The second incident was a few weeks ago when my daughter decided to use the lovely word B***H in front of her.  I almost lost my marbles and was very embarrassed and yet again, this mother tells me about the time her daughter used that word.  She wasn't mad, she understood and she just brushed it off.  Now, I am a very straight forward person so I keep her very up to date about the things that go on and don't try to hide anything.  I figure it is just better that way.  The latest incident was just the other day.  The girls got home from school and immediately went out to the play ground.  I just happen to look out the window and my daughter has her shorts and under wear off in the middle of our yard.  I asked what she was doing and she says "peeing".  Great.  My daughter has peed outside before so it wasn't something new to her but I really thought she new a little better than to pee outside in our own backyard and it front of the rush hour traffic.  Sometimes peeing outside is better than a porta john or it is necessary in a specific moment but that wasn't one of those moments.  Just lovely.  So as the little girl and her mom are leaving, I say "Oh by the way..if your daughter starts peeing outside, that would be because she learned it from my daughter."  And she simply says "ok".  She doesn't ask any questions, she doesn't get mad, nothing.  Now that is my kinda mother and she stills sends her child to my house!

I think some of these women need a glass of wine or two and mind their own damn business!


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