August 6, 2013

Mommy Dearest

I don't know if it is just me or if this happens to most people but my parents have really become very relaxed in their old age (not really that old, neither one of them has hit 50 yet) and their parenting rules really go out the window.  I have noticed that with my children my parents really don't use any parental skills at all.  It is pretty much free rein.  I know they are grandparents and it is their job to spoil and what not with their kids but I figured some sort of rules would still apply.  Apparently not. I think parents really take the term grandparents way too far and think they can get away with a lot of stuff that shouldn't be allowed.  For example, I was at my parents the other day and immediately my father puts my son in the high chair and feeds him cinnamon gram crackers and chocolate cookies.  Now my son is 8 months old and probably should not be eating this stuff but he is a hog and a big boy and has been on solids since his was 3 months old.  That is really not my concern anyways.  I was more concerned with the fact that my father fed my son all this stuff for about an hour and then when he is done, my father walks away.  Suddenly he forgot he has something to do and now I am left with a child that looks like he went through Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.  How amazing.  You feed him the crap and now I am left cleaning him up.  Feeding him is the easy part, cleaning him up and the surrounding area, not so fun.  Thanks Dad.

My mother is the worst of all.  She doesn't think she is but she is.  My daughter is the Diva she is today because of my mother.  She yells at me for spoiling her all the time but you can guarantee that if my daughter walks in to a store with my mother she will be getting something, if not one thing then a few things.  It has gotten to the point where every time my mother comes to our house, my daughter has her hand out expecting something and usually gets it.  This particular day though, I was really taken back by my mother.  We are having breakfast at a local diner with my brother and his wife.  My son is playing with all the spoons (because he is at that point now where he needs to be doing something if he is not eating) and eventually drops all the spoons that were on the table on the floor.  I am in conversation with my brother and look over at my son and noticed that he was now playing with a knife.  My mother thought it would be a good idea to give the 7 month old a knife.  Her response "It's just a butter knife, It's not like it will hurt him."  Really?  I don't even know what to say at this point.  I take the knife from my son and tell my mother that I am putting this in the blog and she says "YOU BETTER NOT!"  Karma sucks.

This is kinda off point but I had to throw this in somewhere because it was just too good to ignore.  My husband was taking a shower one day and my daughter had to get something out of the bathroom.  She was trying to go in and my husband said just wait I am taking a shower.  She is getting to the age where she really shouldn't be seeing Daddy naked but she doesn't understand that yet.  So my daughter says "UUGGHH Dad, it's ok, it's not like I haven't' seen your little whoohoo before!"  My husband says "Excuse me?"  And she says "Dad I have seen your LITTLE whoohoo before!"  I am in the kitchen trying to feed my son laughing hysterically!  My husband obviously does not find the comment very amusing but I just couldn't help myself.  Kids!!


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  1. GRANDPA SETS THE RECORD STRAIGHT - I secured my grandson in his high chair and gave him some toys so my daughter could catch a break. Second - After asking if it was ok if he could have something to eat, I was instructed by his grandmother of which type of gram craker to feed him!
    Third - Yes I gave my grandson a chocolate cookie and he loved it! Grandparents are the stress relievers for kids! Parents can't always do that. It's my job to make sure my grandchildren enjoy the life of a kid.....before they have to face the real world.
    After 29 years of marriage and raising three children I think we grandparents have earned the right to spoil!