April 11, 2013

Once Upon a Time......

So, the other day my grandma was telling me about how back in the day she used to put the babies in laundry baskets in the back seat.  They didn't have car seats and all that jazz back in the day while our parents were growing up.  Well, one day while searching through some Mom blogs and info (Yes, this is Lauren's crazy Sister-in-Law again) I was reading up on how some of these freaking Moms are just plain crazy.  Yes, Google can be my best friend or my worst enemy.  I am one of those people that like to Google everything, especially when I was prego and now with the kids.  My family tells me to stay away...I tend to call them and tell them I have worms or some strange disease after I have been on Google for a while.
 So, I was researching some info on the baby swing on just purchased.  Now, I don't normally do this because if it is going to break, then it breaks.  But it was a little cheaper and it kinda seemed too good to be true so I did some research.  My previous swing had died and my son LOVES his swing...like won't take naps unless it is in his swing and if he is cranky, then swing time it is!  While I was doing some research, I came across a MOM BLOG that had different opinions of Moms and the swings they liked and all that.  Well, this one Mom decided it was OK to state that swings were completely wrong and children don't develop normally when they are stuck in a swing all the time. 
Ok, deep breath.  As my one college roommate would say, "I would like to slap her in the back of the head"
Is this what society has come down to these days?  We can't even put our babies in swings without some judgmental mother out there saying it is wrong.  Really?  I guess her babies were perfect and she doesn't know what colic is or having a child that can't poop!  Yes, sit in a bathtub with your child for an hour to try and get them to poop and let me know how your day goes!

What is happening with Mother's these days?  Come on...my grandmother's smoked and drank through their whole pregnancies and their kids turned out just fine.  I think society knows too much.  We all need to relax and let things be.  Oh, and by the way...my son started cereal when he was a month old!  OMG!  Now he is going to be fat and have allergies!!

By the way...the swing works great!

Once upon a time......

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