August 6, 2013

It Could Happen.....

So you know how some of those scary movies have scenes that people watch and totally think or even say...that would never happen in real life?  Like the chick with the white tank top on and big boobs running through the woods getting chased by a chain saw guy and then it starts to rain and then she trips on some rusty piece of junk that would never be there in real life?  Well my brother had one of those moments and it was so bad that I actually had to say "That's the stuff that happens in a scary movie and you say that would never happen"  Well it did and he lived through it. 

My brother is a Sheriff and I really wish I could talk about a lot of the stuff he does and sees but for privacy reasons and laws I am not allowed.  Let's just say though that the show Cops doesn't even touch on some of the stuff my brother sees and does.  I get a phone call from him one day and he says you would never believe what happened to me the other night.  He proceeds to tell me that he got a call to go check out a warehouse that had their security alarm going off.  As a Deputy he has to go in and inspect and make sure everything is ok but most of the time it is usually a bogus call.  As he was walking around the dark warehouse all alone his flash light goes out.  Then he says he tried to make a call on the radio and the radio when out! So he is alone in the dark warehouse with no flash light and no radio!  I immediately started laughing.  And of course he did not find that very amusing but I couldn't help myself.  I was like don't you realize that you should have been in a movie and half the people in the audience would be like that would never happen!!!  But I guess now it can.  So don't always mock the horror movie some things can really come true!  He managed to use the light on his cell phone to find his way out and all was good.

Also, if you ever come in contact with a snake and happen to have pepper spray on you, they don't like it.  Another story from my brother.  The big bad Sheriff was once again in a warehouse and came face to face with a big black snake (not really sure what kind or if it was really dangerous but that was just how he described it) and he said the snake looked at him weird so he panicked and pepper sprayed it.  He said it worked though and the snake ran away.  Glad the tax payers dollars are being well spent on snakes!  Although in all honesty I would have shot the thing or even tazed it.  That would have been awesome.  I hate snakes and so does he but now we know what to do!

In a lighter note, my daughter told me the other day that if she had a change-o-machine she would use it to take away my belly fat.  I thought I was doing pretty good considering I have an 8 month old but according to my daughter I have belly fat.  I guess it is good though that she would help me out!


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